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Increasing the speed and accuracy of document production

VBA Programming

  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macro development in Excel, Access, Word

  • Document assembly Templates, menus, toolbars, buttons, fields, styles, hyperlinks, merging

  • Data transfers between applications Exported database data (Crystal Reports/WebIntelligence data to Excel to Access); Microsoft Office application text transfers (Access to Word; Word to Excel, etc.)

Report Development

  • Data Reporting Queries, formulas, grouping, prompts, summary calculations, charts, subreports

  • Automation Excel programming for report presentation and data analysis

Database Development

  • Access databases Menus, data entry forms, subforms, dropdown boxes, command buttons, action queries

  • Data conversion Word-processing, spreadsheet, or delimited text data tables to Access; database application upgrades

Procedures Documentation

  • Custom training material Analysis, testing, and writing for custom applications and Sarbanes-Oxley procedures

  • Web-based applications Training modules, online virtual tours, storyboards for web-based training, online pre- and post-tests