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Correspondence Templates


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Letter / memo / fax / label templates for efficient correspondence

  • On-screen stationery, so latest version is always automatically updated

  • Templates with automatic insertion of staff names and personalized direct-dial and email information

  • Names and addresses selected and inserted from Outlook contacts or other database

  • Letter toolbar to insert delivery options, DRAFT stamp, 2nd-page header, multiple envelopes

  • Mailing label template for selecting and printing onto blank labels of labels sheet


Address Retrieval Select name/address from Outlook or Access linked database

Select various personalized letter styles          Retrieve address from Outlook Contacts or another data source


Letter Template Insert delivery options, second-page header, multiple envelopes

Insert delivery language; create multiple envelopes


Mailing Labels Template Select labels you want to print

Select which preprinted labels to use          Sample of selected labels to be printed